Eyeliner Tattooing

For those who enjoy using eyeliner, a permanent option could save time in the morning and maintain a polished look throughout the day. This treatment can enhance the eyes' shape, colour, and size.

Eyeliner Melbourne

Eyeliner Tattoo Melbourne is a semi-permanent solution for women with vision impairment, allergies, an active lifestyle, issues with smudging makeup, minimal lashes, or who prefer not to apply makeup daily. The latest techniques result in minimal downtime, swelling, and pain.

Several options include classic, shaded pixel, thin, or lash enhancement.

We can assist in determining the best technique for your eye shape and style preferences. Feel free to contact us for further discussion or to schedule a consultation.

We can begin with a natural look and adjust as needed.

Eyeliner Enhancements

Eyelash enhancements involve adding black pigment to the lash line to create a fuller and more subtle definition of the eyes. They are ideal for those with fair or minimal eyelashes looking for more eye definition or to balance out thicker bottom eyeliner.

The Thin Natural Eyeliner is ideal for those seeking a subtle and natural eyeliner look, providing enhanced definition to the eyes with lash enhancement and an optional partial wet line add-on for a more eye-opening effect.

Applying tattooing only to the top wet line can create a more eye-opening effect, a technique known to makeup artists who use coal eyeliner for this purpose.

Wing Eyeliner

Winged eyeliner is a helpful tool for those with difficulty achieving the perfect wing shape. Approval of the shape is required before application, with lash enhancement included.

Shaded Eyeliner

Shaded bottom eyeliner or enhancement is a softer option than a direct line of pigment. By using precise nano placement, multiple tiny dots of pigment are built up along the lash line to create a shaded look. This technique is ideal for those with very few lashes who want to enhance their eyes. It is also suitable for individuals with alopecia or cancer. Depending on your preference, you can achieve a subtle, natural, enhanced eyelash look or opt for a thicker eyeliner tattoo Melbourne.


Is pain to be anticipated?

Pain levels during the procedure can vary among individuals. Most people feel very little or no pain at all. A topical anesthetic is used before and during the procedure to minimize discomfort. Taking Panadol 45 minutes before can help reduce sensitivity. Some clients are so relaxed they may even fall asleep during the procedure. Note that if you are on your menstruation cycle, feeling sick, extremely tired, or have a hangover, there may be some discomfort during the procedure.

Eyeliner Tattoo Melbourne

Is there a choice of colour?

We offer various colour options to meet each client's needs, from subtle natural shades to bolder hues. We can also provide shades such as Brows, Black, green, purple, or blue upon request.

How long is recovery?

The healing time for each procedure varies, with some having little or no swelling and the pigment taking time to settle into the skin. The downtime is minimal, and you can resume normal activities right after the procedure. Following specific aftercare instructions is important for your new tattoo.

During the first 3-7 days, a tattoo may appear darker before reaching its final appearance.

What are the distinctions between traditional tattooing and permanent makeup procedures?

Both procedures involve skin tattooing, with variations in the machine used, depth of implantation, and type of pigments used.

In traditional tattooing, pigment is deposited into the subcutaneous layer of the skin. In contrast, pigment is applied to the dermis layer in permanent makeup, resulting in a soft blend of colour in the tattooed area.

Tattoo artists also utilize coil machines, which are more powerful and not ideal for use on the face.