How long do eyebrow tattoos last

Eyebrow tattooing is a permanent makeup that does not need to be applied every morning and washed off at night. Of course, it will fade over time, but it will not happen so quickly. This is an excellent advantage of the procedure (you can not spend time on daily tinting), and at the same time, its disadvantage - unsuccessful results will not erase and do not wash away, and thriving can go out of fashion or get bored. Therefore, before visiting an eyebrow artist, it is better to find out how long permanent eyebrow makeup lasts and what determines its durability.

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What is the average duration of permanent eyebrow tattooing?

What is the typical length of time for an eyebrow tattoo Melbourne? As a rule, answering this question, masters voice figures from 1 to 3 years. Intermediate terms are approximate, and the spread between them is decent. Why are there no specifics? The whole point is that several factors condition the durability of the introduced dye. On this list:

Type and quality of colourant

Organic pigments provide quality colouring and deep, rich colour, but they fade quickly. Mineral pigments are characterised by their durability but offer pastel shades.

Pigments of high quality are well assimilated by the body; they give the correct precipitate, disintegrate imperceptibly, and, over time, are gradually organically eliminated. The behaviour of low-quality dyes is challenging to predict - they can cause an allergic reaction, come too quickly, go into a different shade, not be absorbed by the body at all, etc.

Depth of dye injection

It is chosen to get a permanent colouring but not damage the hair follicles and capillaries. The optimal depth of micro-needle insertion is from 0.3 mm to 0.8 mm. In this case, healing is fast, and the micropigmentation procedure is without pain and discomfort.

A more profound introduction of pigment can provoke a change in colour to yellow or green. In addition, it will be difficult to remove such a permanent, even with the help of a laser. If the dye is laid at a depth of less than 0.3 millimetres, such tattooing will not last six months.

Pigment shade

With identical composition and depth of deposit, the dark colours of the permanent pigment palette are more resistant than the lighter ones. Shades of beige and brown range fade faster, while dark colours only become slightly lighter under the same conditions.

The technique of applying permanent

Hair permanent eyebrow makeup holds on average from 1 to 1.5 years. After this period, the procedure must be performed again. Powder spraying comes off in about two years, with eyebrows looking natural even after the pigment is released. Often, these techniques are combined to get the most honest and permanent result.

Skin type

Dry skin accepts pigment better and retains it longer. Oily skin with large pores removes the colouring agent more quickly with the sebum. For this reason, oily skin type is not recommended to perform permanently the hair technique - thin strokes can lose shape and become blurred.

The impact of ultraviolet light

Frequent exposure to sunlight or sunbeds hurts the permanence of the permanent - the dye fades faster, and the duration of the product is reduced. Each pigment combines several shades at once; the most stable are grey and red. Therefore, under the influence of ultraviolet light, eyebrows can eventually acquire greyish or reddish undertones.


Regular use of cosmetics with acids in the composition, creams with skin whitening effect, and scrubbing and peeling in the treatment area can significantly reduce the permanent duration.

The rate of metabolic processes and skin cell renewal

The faster the body's metabolism, the more often the permanent needs to be renewed. Therefore, the effect will last much longer on ageing skin than on young skin. Eyebrow tattoo Melbourne goes faster in people who live in an active rhythm and choose regular sports activities for themselves. The exact speed of metabolic processes, accelerated cell regeneration, explains this.

How long does permanent eyebrow makeup last without correction

How long the effect of tattooing will last depends on the corrections regime. Modification contributes to the prolongation of the permanent due to the reintroduction of dye under the skin and the restoration of the intensity of the colour. After the initial session, it is allowed to leave up to 70%.

The first correction is recommended after a month after the primary procedure; the second can be carried out after 1-1,5 years. How long eyebrow tattooing lasts after the penalty depends on the type of pigment and its shade, the tattooing technology, the professionalism of the master, the body features, and the client's lifestyle.

On average, the result remains flawless for up to three years, but with a fast metabolism, active physical activity, and a young age, the correction will need to be done more often. If you refuse it at all, then on average, after 6-12 months, the pigment will be gone entirely, and there will be a need to repeat the full-fledged main procedure.

How to prolong the permanence of permanent makeup

To make permanent eyebrow makeup last longer while maintaining the original shade and aesthetic appearance, it is enough to follow simple recommendations:

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  • Strictly adhere to the rules of post-procedural care. The first few days after tattooing is applied to protect the treatment area from moisture, direct UV rays, and mechanical influences. Tear off the crusts formed in the healing process; it is strictly forbidden - the pigment will be removed with them.
  • After the end of the healing period, avoid prolonged exposure to ultraviolet light. This does not mean you have to give up active sun tanning or visiting a solarium - it is enough to apply a sunscreen with high protection SPF.
  • As rarely as possible, scrub the skin in the tattooing area, and subject it to peeling and grinding.
  • Limit the use of acid-containing cosmetics, bleaching and brightening creams.
  • Exclude intense exercise in the gym and frequent visits to the sauna and swimming pool. Increased moisture, steam, chemicals in the water, and extreme sweating accelerate pigment removal.
  • Adhere to the correction regime recommended by the master.

If the pigment is not fixed due to complete rejection by the body, it is impossible to correct the situation. In this case, the eyebrows can be corrected with henna or extraordinary colouring compositions or by applying makeup using decorative cosmetics.

How the eyebrow tattoo comes off

For the application of permanently used colouring pigments with natural components in the base. But the body reacts to them as a foreign substance and tries to get rid of dyes for the entire period of their stay under the skin - this is a normal reaction; fear it and trying to prevent it is not worth it. The pigment slowly breaks down into micro-particles and is eliminated through the lymphatic system - the better the immune system works, the faster it happens.

Removing the dye is gradual; it is safe and is not accompanied by pain or unpleasant sensations. The shade lightens smoothly and gently and organically comes out independently. After one to three years of permanent tattooing does not remain and trace. After that, you can duplicate the procedure in the same application technique or use any other. If you need to remove a fresh permanent, when the colour is quite intense and visible, you can use the laser removal service.